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When a new member joins your team, get them quickly up to speed by making them a member of your Office 365 Group. Give them access to all the shared Group conversations, files, the team OneNote notebook, and team calendar in a single step.

The following procedure describes how to perform these tasks using Outlook on the web.

To set up a new member in your Group

  1. In the Outlook folder pane, select Groups, the select your group.

  2. Select the ellipsis icon on the right of the toolbar. Then select Members, and select Add members.

  3. Enter the new Group member's name or email address at Enter a name or email address, and then select the new Group member.

  4. Select Save.

We’ve got a new team member starting today, so the first thing I want to do is make her a member of the team’s Outlook Group.

I select the Group in my inbox, and select the ellipsis icon on the right of the Group toolbar, and select Members.

Now I can see all the current members of the group, and add new members.

I select Add members, enter the new employee’s name in the Members pane, and select Save.

Now she’s a member of the group. And when she logs in to Outlook, she’ll have an email waiting with a link to the Group.

From there, she’ll have immediate access to all the assets shared by the group.

Like the group files, including all email attachments and photos shared from mobile devices, the shared Notebook, all the Group calendar entries, like major events and milestones, as well as all the discussions, decisions, and information shared over the Group conversations.

Additionally, she can easily discover on her own other relevant groups her colleagues are working in.

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