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Change the size, font, and text style in your PowerPoint presentation to add emphasis and to highlight content.

Format text in a placeholder

  1. Select the placeholder text you want to format.

  2. On the Home tab, select a formatting option: Font, Font Size, Line Spacing, Bold, Italic, and more.

    Note: If you'd like to change the position of your placeholder box, select the placeholder's rotate handle, hold Shift, and move the rotate handle in your preferred direction.

Copy and paste text into your presentation

  1. Select the placeholder that you'd like to copy text to.

  2. Copy and paste text from another source like a Word document.

  3. In PowerPoint, right-click and select a Paste Option for your text:

    • Use Destination Theme - Use the current theme's formatting.

    • Keep Source Formatting - Use the original formatting from Word.

    • Picture - Paste text in as an image.

    • Keep Text Only - Use no formatting for your copied text.

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Change text alignment, indentation, and spacing

Change the color of text on a slide

Add text to a slide

Fortunately, changing the font of text in PowerPoint is not much different than changing fonts in any other applications where you work with text.

First you just select the text you want to change, and up here under the Home tab, you'll find your text formatting tools.

You can see the currently selected text is in the Calibri font.

I can click that menu and select a different one, and also change the size to make the text a little larger.

Now, at that size the words look a little too crowded for my taste, so I come up here to the line spacing button, and I'll set this to 1 ½ spaces.

So you have the usual selection of text tools that you'll find in most word processors, and if you're familiar with Microsoft Word, you'll most likely recognize these tools.

Like the paragraph alignment buttons, and the buttons to make text bold, italicized, underlined, and so on.

Now because all text is contained in movable and resizable text boxes, you can also change the property of the box.

But notice above the text box is a little rotate handle.

Just grab and drag it to rotate the box.

If you hold down Shift, you'll lock the rotation into increments of 15 degrees.

So that's yet another way to alter the appearance of your text.

Now in reality, you're not always going to be typing text from scratch on every single slide of your presentation.

There will frequently be times when you'll be pasting in text from somewhere else.

We're going to move on to the next slide, which I added previously.

So maybe in my hotel presentation, I'll have a slide describing the types of rooms our properties will have.

So I'll type in a title of Featured Rooms, and I have the text for the body of this slide already written elsewhere.

So the text in this document is already formatted to some extent.

You can see the font is in TrebuchetMS, and it's at 11-point.

Also notice the names of the rooms are in bold.

I'm going to select the first room's description, and I'll right click and copy it.

Now I'll go back to PowerPoint, back into my presentation, and I want to paste that description into this column here on the left.

But in some cases, you won't want to copy the formatting of the text you're pasting into your slide.

Instead you might just want the text to be formatted in the style that's already being used in your slide template.

So instead of just pressing the standard keyboard shortcut of Control + V to paste, I'm going to right click in the text box.

That gives me these paste options here, which I'm going to right click a little further to the right, so you'll see this better.

So notice up here we have Paste Options.

And rolling over each one of these options lets me preview how the text will appear.

So I can use the current theme's formatting, I can use the original formatting from Word, I can even paste the text in as an image, or I can choose no formatting.

I'll choose the first option here.

So, now the text has appeared in the default font face and size of the slide's theme.

Once you've pasted in your text, you're still free to format the text in any other way you like.

Again, just by selecting text and choosing your formatting option, and there we go.

Okay, so there you have some options for formatting text in PowerPoint.

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