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A SharePoint team site connects you and your team to the content, information, and apps you need.


  • See News for the latest happenings with your team, such as news posts, information, and updates.

  • Select Add if you'd like to create a news post.

  • When someone adds or edits a file, page, or list, Activity lets you see this at a glance.

  • Quick links get you to the resources you may need or use the most.

  • Documents shows items from the default document library. You can add documents by dragging and dropping them here.

  • If you have permission to edit your site, select New to add a List, Document library, Page, News post, News link, or App to your site.

Left navigation pane

  • Use Search to look for files on the site.

  • View and engage in ongoing Conversations with your team.

  • Store and share files in Documents — a default document library for your team.

  • Manage your site with Pages or Site contents.

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What is a SharePoint team site?

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