Insert a video from your PC

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We inserted a video file in our presentation. Now, we want to trim it for length, add opening and closing fades, and format it with a poster frame.

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Insert a video from your PC

We've inserted a video file.

Now we want to trim it for length.

Add opening and closing fades and format it with a poster frame.

The video is currently too long.

To trim it, I'll select it and click the Video Tools Playback tab.

Then I click Trim Video.

In the dialogue box, I'll point to the green bar and drag the two pointed cursor to the right, to the frame I want to start with.

About there.

I'll use the previous frame arrow to back up the video a little, frame by frame.

I can also click the arrows in the start time box upper down, to move to the right frame.

In the video, the man makes two dives.

I want to cut the second one, so now I'll drag the red bar to the left to trim from the end.

Here's the second dive in reverse.

And, here's the end of the first dive.

We'll trim it there.

Let's click Play to see the results.

That looks good so I'll click OK.

Note that I haven't affected the actual video file, I've only shorten the video in the presentation.

Now to give the video a smooth start and finish, I'll add some fades.

On the playback tab next to fade in, I'll click the up arrow to one second, and I'll do the same for fade out, set it to one second.

I'll click Play on the playbar to see how that looks.

We get a gentle fade at the start.

And, at the end we fade back to the first frame.

Now, for the video when it's not playing, let's add our own poster frame.

Currently the video default to its first frame when it's still.

Let's choose another frame from the video.

I'll click play on the playbar, watch for the frame I want, and click Pause.

I'll drag on the playbar to move to the exact frame.

Now I click the Video Tools Format tab, Poster Frame, Current Frame.

Last, we'll give the video a little bit more formatting.

On the Format tab, I'll click more in Format Styles to open the gallery, and click Drop Shadow Rectangle.

That gives the video a drop shadow.

Let's click Slides how to see how it looks.

When I click the video to play it, we fade in from the poster frame.

And, at the end, we fade back to the poster frame.

The drop shadow is another nice touch.

Up next insert a video from YouTube.

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