Create and manage business contacts in Outlook Customer Manager

Create and manage company contacts

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Explore how to create a company, link it to a contact, and add new columns in Outlook Customer Manager.

Create a company

  1. Select the More button on the Outlook navigation pane and then select Add-ins to open the detailed view of Outlook Customer Manager.

    OCM_More button

  2. Select the Company button on the Outlook Customer Manager ribbon.

  3. Type the company name or select the company from Bing search results.

  4. Enter additional company details and then select Create.

Link a contact to a company

  1. Open a company and select the + sign next to Contacts.

  2. Enter an existing contact name or create a new contact to link to the company.

  3. Select Save to complete the link.

Add a new column

  1. On the Companies tab, select Add Column to add a new column.

  2. Type the column name and select the type of data from the Column Type drop-down.

  3. Select Add to complete the addition of a new column.

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Outlook Customer Manager FAQ

With Outlook Customer Manager, you can see multiple contacts from a company and all interactions with them in a single view.

Let's start by creating a company from the Outlook Customer Manager ribbon.

When you add a company name, Outlook Customer Manager suggests related information from Bing including the company's address and a map showing its locaiton.

Complete the company profile by adding business contacts.

As you add more contacts, the company's timeline will be automatically updated to include additional information from new contacts.

Your list of companies will now include the company you added.

You can customize this list by adding a new column for additional information.

In the Detailed view of Outlook Customer Manager, you can view a complete list of your companies.

Those most recently added or those with pending commitments are automatically listed at the top of the page so you stay on top of your relationships.

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