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Learn how to open and edit a shared document in an ongoing Office 365 Group conversation.

The following procedures describes how to perform these tasks using Outlook on the web.

To open a document shared in a conversation

  1. From the Notification pane, select the conversation.

  2. Select Edit and reply in the document pane. Enter your changes in the document.

  3. In the Conversation pane, select Reply All and enter a note about your changes. Then select Send.

To flag a team member or group in a conversation

  1. Select a conversation from the list to view its content in the reading pane.

  2. Add to the conversation by selecting Reply All at the bottom of the conversation and entering your response.

  3. In the response pane, enter an "at" symbol (@) and begin to type the name or email alias of the person or group you wish to "at mention."

  4. When they appear on in the Suggested contacts list, select their name. Then select Send.

Hey, I’ve got a Group notification.

When I select the notification icon,

and open the notification,

I can see Tony has tagged me with an “at mention.”

He wants me to update some budget figures. Should be easy enough.

The doc’s already on the group OneDrive.

I can open it from here by selecting the attachment box below the message.

It opens read-only, but I can make changes by selecting Edit and reply.

Looks like somebody’s already making changes.

That's not a problem—we can both edit a doc at the same time

on our shared Group space on OneDrive for Business.

I’ll just add my changes,

and add a quick note in the message box I opened the doc from.

I want the Marketing Campaigns team to see the changes, too,

so I will “at mention" their group.

Then I select Send to let Tony know I made the changes.

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