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Use the Clean Up tool to remove redundant email messages from your email folders.

  1. Select Home > Clean Up.

  2. Select an option:

    • Clean Up Conversation - to delete redundant email messages from a selected conversation.

    • Clean Up Folder - to delete redundant email messages from a selected folder.

    • Clean Up Folder & Subfolders - to delete redundant email messages and conversations from Inbox and any other folders.

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Use Conversation Clean Up to delete redundant messages

Over time, your mail file can get pretty large and unruly.

Fortunately, Outlook has supplied us with some great tools to automate the cleanup process.

The first tool I want to show you is something called conversation cleanup.

Here's a conversation I have.

I'm going to click to expand it.

I'm in conversation view right now.

I'm sure you've all seen this, this is a pretty lengthy conversation in which people have quoted replies over time, and started new threads.

I might not actually need to keep all of these emails, because I'm sure the full conversation is already somewhere in this thread.

Outlook gives us something called the conversation cleanup tool.

I can collapse the thread, and on the Home tab, choose Cleanup. I have a choice here.

I can choose cleanup conversation, which will only cleanup the selected conversation, or if I want to do this for my entire inbox, I can choose cleanup folder.

It's actually not just for my inbox, it's for whatever folder I happen to be in at the time.

I can also choose cleanup folder and subfolders.

This way, I could clean up my inbox, and any other folders I created, to clean up all the redundant conversations at once.

For example, let's go back to this email. There's a lot of quoted text in here.

In my email that came up, the exact same conversation is included with it.

The nice thing about conversation cleanup is it will only delete redundant text.

You never have to worry about missing an email, because if the email isn't included in any other emails, it won't delete that text.

You'll never miss anything.

In this case, you could choose clean up, and then cleanup conversation.

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