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In PowerPoint 2013, you can change the fonts on a single slide, or throughout your entire presentation at once.

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To use a different font style for the text in your presentation, you don’t need to change the text of one paragraph at a time.

Instead, click the DESIGN tab, and go to the Variants group. Click More, and point to Fonts.

In the Fonts gallery, you can select a new font style, and it will apply to the whole presentation.

We’ll step through this process, but first, let’s look at the fonts that are currently applied, and see how they are used on the slides.

For this slide show, we chose a Blank Presentation, on the New screen, and that came with a certain font style.

To see what fonts have been applied, click the text, such as this slide title.

Then click the HOME tab, and look at the Font box.

The Font box shows that this title has the font Calibri Light.

To see more about the font, click the arrow in the Font box.

Calibri Light is selected and we see that it is applied to headings, meaning the presentation title, section titles, and all slide titles.

Now, I’ll click the subtitle text on the slide and look in the Font box. I see that the Calibri font is applied.

In the Font list, Calibri is selected, and we see that it is applied to the body text that means the subtitles as well as body text on the slides.

If we click Slide 2 and click its title, we see the title text is Calibri Light, and when we click the body text, we see it is Calibri.

So, the same fonts are applied throughout.

Now, to apply different fonts to the presentation, we click DESIGN, and in the Variants group, click the More arrow. Then, we point to Fonts.

The Fonts gallery includes other font styles, combinations of fonts for headings and body text.

The current style — Calibri Light and Calibri — is selected.

Now, let’s preview some of the others.

When I point to the Style, I see the preview.

This one uses Arial for both headings and body text; this one applies Candara; and this one applies Century Gothic.

Scroll down for more choices. Here’s Cambria and Garamond.

Let’s apply Candara.

Now I’ll click the HOME tab, click the title text, and look in the Font box.

Candara is applied. When I click the subtitle, Candara is also applied there.

The Candara font is applied to the other slides, also, for the title text and body text.

There is nothing more we need to do.

So, we have changed the Font Style everywhere, just as we wanted.

For more information, see the course summary, and experiment some more with PowerPoint.

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