Format text with styles

Apply Quick Styles and Themes

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You can apply Quick Styles and themes to give your document a consistent, professional look. Word offers many styles and themes to choose from.

Apply a Quick Style to text

  1. Place the pointer in the text that you want to format.

    Note: If you place the pointer in a paragraph, the style is applied to the whole paragraph. If you select specific text, only the selected text will be formatted.

  2. On the Home tab, point to a style to see how the text would look with that style.

    The Styles gallery is on the Home tab

  3. Select the style you want to apply to the text.

Apply a theme

After you’ve applied Styles, you can select a theme.

  1. Select Design > Themes.

    Office 365 Word Themes

  2. Point to a theme to see how it would look in your document.

  3. Select a theme.

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Word Quick Start

If we were to change the theme on this, let's see what happens.

Click Design, go to Themes, and just hover over things like Facet.

Well we're not seeing the green color we thought we might see.

As we go down to Droplet, you can see, everything looks pretty similar.

We do see some minor changes in some of the fonts that are being used, but because this document was formatted manually using a theme or selecting a theme, it's going to have little effect on it.

So another option is to get your text in first, and then start applying themes using those quick styles.

So I'm going to open up a different document. It's the same content, but as you can see it has no formatting whatsoever.

So if we go up to Best of Landon Hotel and click in the left margin to select it, and go to our Styles, using the default theme here, and hovering over Title, you can see what happens.

Give it a click.

Let's go to In this month's issue.

Click in the left-hand margin.

Click the drop-down to see all the choices.

I think Emphasis might be a good one.

Maybe Strong, I like Strong, give it a click.

Let's go to West End, London now.

Click there, and let's go back to our drop-down so we can choose one of the headings.

Heading 2, Heading 1, I like Heading 1.

Do the same for Latin Quarter, Heading 1, and Bernal Heights, San Francisco, Heading 1.

Now that we've applied some Quick Styles, let's see what happens when we go up to the Design tab, and choose a different theme.

Let's go to Facet.

Now you can see some color changes, and font changes, and that's because we're making use of the quick styles that come with a theme.

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