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With a screenshot in your PowerPoint presentation, you can create powerful visuals for your slides.

  1. Prepare your screenshot by opening up another source like a web browser, and go to the content you want to use.

  2. Select Insert > Screenshot > Screen Clipping.

  3. When the screen turns white and a crosshair appears, select and drag to highlight the area you want to capture.

  4. In PowerPoint, your screenshot will automatically be added to your presentation. You can now resize your screenshot by selecting and dragging the placeholder points.

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Insert a screenshot or screen clipping

If you've ever seen anything on your screen and decided, "Wow, that would be good in my presentation."

There's an easy way to get it into your presentation using a screen clipping.

Here we have our title, and an empty space down below.

That's where our screen clipping is going to go.

Now when you're inserting a screen clipping, you want to have that ready before you go about the process of getting it.

So, you might want to launch your browser.

I have my Edge browser opened up here, and I've gone to

If you go there, and click dining, you'll be taken to this area of the webpage.

And I don't think I want to capture the whole page, including the tabs you see at the top, and our navigation buttons, et cetera, I just want to capture this part.

We already have Dining in the Area, just the paragraph and the pictures maybe.

So I'm going to use alt-tab to go back to PowerPoint.

And it's this slide where I want to insert.

So I go to the Insert tab.

And next we're going to go to Screenshot.

Notice it's a drop-down.

When you click it, you'll see Screen Clipping.

Give that a click.

And now we're taken back to what's behind PowerPoint, our browser.

Now we don't need the title Dining in the Area, we already have that.

I inserted it for you in the title area.

What we want is the paragraph text and the images.

Just the images.

So, with our crosshair here for a mouse pointer, all we have to do is click and drag across and down to highlight the area we want to capture.

And that's it right there.

And when we release, we're actually taken right back to PowerPoint.

Right to the slide.

And we have this new object sitting here that we can now move around.

We can resize if you want to bump it up a little bit bigger using the arrows.

Bottom right hand corner as well as the top.

We can slide it around to place it perfectly on the slide til we have it where we want.

Click in the background and that's how you get a screen clipping into a slide here in PowerPoint 2016.

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