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Add images to slides

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In PowerPoint, add pictures to your presentations to complement and bring your text to life.

  1. Select Insert > Pictures.

  2. In the dialog box that opens, browse to the picture that you want to insert, select that picture, and then select Insert.

    Note: If you're an Office 365 subscriber, the Design Ideas pane appears when you insert a picture. For more info, see What's PowerPoint Designer?.

  3. With a picture inserted into your presentation, you have several options to format it:

    • To move the picture, select and drag it to the location you want.

    • To align the picture with other objects on the slide, use the guidelines that appear.

    • To resize the picture, select and drag the outside points.

    • To undo all your actions, on the Picture Tools Format tab, select Reset Picture > Reset Picture & Size.

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Insert a picture in PowerPoint

What's PowerPoint Designer?

Add clip art to your file

So far, we've added a few images into our presentation using the content placeholders.

It made a big difference.

Pictures can be an integral part of a presentation.

They can reinforce your words and add much-needed visual interest and color to a sea of text.

PowerPoint 2016 makes it easy to add photos when you use the content placeholders, but what about when you don't have any placeholder and you still want to add an image?

Let's go up to our title slide.

Since this is the first slide that the audience is going to see, I want to make it a little bit more interesting, and we have a logo, so let's insert it.

The easiest way to insert an image into your slide is to change to the insert ribbon tab and select pictures.

From here, I'm going to browse to my assets folder.

I'm going to find our logo.

Here's the Landon logo.

I'll click Insert, and it's going to dump it in right into the center of the slide.

There's no placeholder for it, so this is where it's going to go.

I can click with my mouse and drag it around anywhere on the slide.

In fact, you'll notice some guides appearing.

These guides appear when I'm centered with other design elements on the slide.

I can let go of my mouse, and the image will stay where I leave it.

I can also make the image larger and smaller by clicking and dragging on any diagonal point of the image.

I can make it smaller or larger.

Note that I'm using any of these four outside points to make it larger or smaller.

If I use any of the middle ones, it's going to skew the image.

That is, shrink it and stretch it.

If I've found I've done that, it's okay, I can reset it.

A new ribbon tap appears, the Picture Tools tab.

I can select that tab and select Reset Picture.

If I click on the pull-down arrow, I can reset the picture and the size.

This will bring it back to what it was when I first inserted it into the picture.

My logo has the word Landon Hotel already in it.

This is redundant.

I don't need two words.

So what I'm going to do is first delete this text, and then I'm going to delete the entire placeholder by clicking on the entire placeholder and clicking the delete key with my keyboard.

Now I can bring this down, and I can even stretch it a bit larger and align it exactly where I want it to go on my slide.

That looks great.

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