Video: Add headers and footers and change page numbers in Word 2016

In your Word document, you can add headers, footers, and change page numbers.

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  1. Select Insert, and then select either Header or Footer.

    Scroll through the layouts and select the one that you want. The header and footer space will open in your document, along with the Header & Footer Tools.

  2. Type the text you want in the header or footer. Most headers and footers have placeholder text (such as "Document title") that you can type right over.

    Tip: Select among the Header & Footer Tools to add more to your header or footer, such as the date, time, or a picture. You can also select options for different headers on odd and even pages, and indicate that you don't want the header or footer to appear on the first page.

  3. When you're done, select Close Header and Footer.

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Office 2016 Quick Starts

Adding a header and footer to your document can give it a more professional look.

Let’s add a header and footer, and then learn how to change the default page numbers in those areas of your document.

First, click Header on the Insert tab.

Scroll through the gallery and select the one you like.

Remember, you can always start with one and modify it later.

Let’s choose Banded.

Next, let’s replace this text with the title of our document.

With the header selected, we get the Header & Footer Tools Design tab.

Here, we can change the design of the header.

In our document, we don’t really need to see the header on the first page.

So, select Different First Page.

Then, delete the items in the header on the title page.

Now the header we added doesn’t start until the second page.

On the second page, click Footer.

Let’s use Banded again, so the design uses the same theme as the header.

The Banded footer design contains page numbers, but some headers and footers don’t.

You can change how page numbers appear in a header or footer.

Let’s change the location of the page numbers in the footer.

On the Header & Footer Tools Design tab, click Page Number, point to Bottom of Page, and then select Plain Number 1.

See how the page number moved to the left?

Now, click Page Number again, point to Bottom of Page, and then select Plain Number 3.

You might have noticed that the page number changed colors when it moved.

To change to a color you want, first select the number.

Then, on the Home tab, select Font Color, and select the color you want.

I’ll pick blue.

And here’s another way to close the header and footer: just double-click in the body of the document.

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