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Add comments to cells to explain what the cells contain.

Add a comment

  1. Right-click a cell and click Insert Comment.

  2. In the comment box, type your comment.

  3. Click outside the comment box.

    The comment box disappears, but a red comment indicator remains. To see the comment, hover over the cell.

    Tip: To format your comment, highlight the text you want to change, right-click on the comment and choose Format Comment.

Review comments

  • Select the Review tab, and click Next or Previous to see each comment in sequence.

See all comments at once

  • Select Review > Show All Comments to show or hide comments.

    You may need to move or resize overlapping comments.

    Note: Select Review > Show/Hide Comment to show or hide individual comments.

Move a comment

  • Drag the border of the comment box.

Resize a comment

  • Drag one of the handles on the sides or corners of the comment box.

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