Using your account on another computer in SharePoint Workspace 2010

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You can add your account to other computers, and synchronize your Groove workspaces across your computers. For practical purposes, we recommend that you add your account to no more than five computers.

Note: Your administrator may have set policies for your account that restrict you from adding it to other computers. Additionally, SharePoint workspaces do not synchronized across multiple computers on which you have your account.

To add your account to another computer, you must do the following tasks:

  1. Save your account file, and make it available for use on the other computer.

    To make the account file available on another computer, you might send it to yourself as a file attachment, or save it to a network drive to which you have access.

  2. Run the account configuration wizard on the other computer, and select the saved account file.

Saving your account file

  1. On the File tab, click Info, click Manage Account, and then click Account Preferences.

  2. In the Preferences dialog box, click the Account tab.

  3. Click Save to open the Save Account As... window.

  4. Select a location for saving your account file, and then click Save.

    SharePoint Workspace prompts you to enter a password for security purposes. You will need to know this password when you add your account to another computer.

  5. Enter a password and click OK.

Adding your account on another computer

Once you have saved your account file and made the file available on another computer, you can use the Account Configuration Wizard to add your account on the other computer.

  1. Install and start SharePoint Workspace.

  2. In the Account Configuration Wizard, click Restore an existing account.

  3. Click Browse, select the saved account file where you stored it on disk, and click Open.

  4. Enter the password you set for the account file when you save it, and click OK.

The Launchbar should open. You can proceed to download your workspace data.

Depending on your SharePoint Workspace installation, you may be prompted to reset your account before it can be added to the computer. If you receive this prompt, a reset code will be sent to the e-mail address that was set for the account when it was created.

Note:  The account reset feature works only if Enable account recovery was checked in your account preference on the computer on which you saved your account file.

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