Using the Conversation tab in Microsoft Teams

Using the Conversation tab in Microsoft Teams

The Conversation tab in Microsoft Teams appears in the General channel, as well as any additional channels you create. All class members can view and add to conversations in the General channel. In other channels, use At mention button Mention to invite certain students or staff to participate in a conversation. 

Conversations are different from chats because they are visible to everyone in a channel and not private. Documents shared in a conversation automatically become part of the Files tab in that file. 

To post in a Conversation, select the tab from the menu at the top. Then, use the tools to edit your post or add an attachment, gif, or emoji. Select Send to send your post or press return on your keyboard.  

Start a new Conversation, use @ to mention someone

If you decide to edit or delete your post, select More options .

Track your conversations 

Track your conversations by visiting the Activity feed. You’ll receive notifications when someone has At mention button mentioned you in a conversation or replied to one of your posts. Your name will be highlighted in red when it’s At mention button mentioned by a teacher or student. Channels with new content, including conversations, will appear in bold. 

Adjust privacy controls

Delete inappropriate comments or mute students--this prevents them from posting in the class conversation stream. 

Learn more

Notify entire class and post important updates

Mute single student

Mute all students 

Delete student comment 

Delete conversation thread 

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