Using Microsoft To-Do with Flagged email

To manage your flagged email directly in Microsoft To-Do, sign in with the same personal, work, or school account that you use for email.  

Note: This feature is only available if you’re using an account that’s hosted by Microsoft, such as an,, or account. It’s also available if you’re using an account hosted by Microsoft but using a custom domain. 

To enable the Flagged Email list select the option to Show List.

Screenshot that shows the dialogue to enable Flagged Email:
Start tracking messages you flag in your inbox?
With the option to select Show list or Not now

Alternatively, you can also turn the list on in Settings. 

Screenshot showing Flagged Email toggled On in Settings under Connections

When you first enable the Flagged Email list, up to ten flagged messages from the last two weeks will be converted into tasks. All messages flagged in the future will also be converted into tasks in To-Do. Items in the Flagged Email list can be renamed, assigned due dates and reminders, added to My Day, and marked as Important. Once enabled, the Flagged Email list will also be accessible in To-Do on all your other devices.  

The task will start with the subject of the flagged message and will include a preview of the email's text. To open the original email select the option to Open in Outlook from the detail view.  

Screenshot showing the Flagged Email list selected with the task Logo design open. The option to Open in Outlook is in the task's detail view along with a preview of the email text.

Note: Flagged calendar events won’t be converted to tasks in To-Do and won’t appear in the Flagged Email list. 

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