Use your digital pen as a slide-show clicker

Roam freely while presenting. A pen can be a wireless remote control up to 30 feet away from your computer.

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Got the right pen? Got Windows 10?

You need a digital pen, such as the Surface Pen 4 or the Wacom Bamboo Ink, that supports Bluetooth.

Digital pen

You need the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update installed on your computer.

Okay, now pair your pen and computer

  1. On your digital pen, press and hold the top button for about seven seconds to turn it on.

  2. Right-click the Windows Start button. Start button

  3. Select Settings.

  4. Select Devices.

    Select Devices in the Windows Settings dialog box
  5. Ensure that Bluetooth & Other Devices is selected on the left side.

    Ensure that the Bluetooth & other devices option is selected on the left side

    A list of nearby Bluetooth devices is shown.

    If you already see your digital pen in the list, marked as "Connected," then the pen is ready to use. Otherwise, continue with step 6.

  6. Select Add Bluetooth or other device.

    Add a Bluetooth device
  7. In the Add a device dialog box, choose Bluetooth.

    The Add a Device dialog box
  8. Select your digital pen.

    Select the digital pen to tell Windows you want to connect it via Bluetooth to your computer
  9. Choose Done to dismiss the dialog box.

    Your pen and computer are now connected, or paired, and the pen is ready to be used as a clicker for your presentation.

    Windows tells you that the digital pen is connected to the computer

It's show time

Open your presentation, start Slide Show Slide Show button , and start "clicking":

  • Press the eraser button once to advance

  • Press and hold the button to go backward

All the requirements

There are four requirements for making your pen and PowerPoint 2016 in Office 365 work together in this way:

  • An Office 365 subscription.

  • A digital pen, such as the Surface Pen 4 or the Wacom Bamboo Ink, that follows the Windows Pen Designs.

  • A computer that has the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update installed.

  • Bluetooth pairing between the computer and the digital pen.

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