Use Yammer with a screen reader

Yammer is a great way to share information, even with people that you’ve never met, but sometimes getting to know a new product can be a challenge if you use a screen reader. If you use a screen reader, this article can help you understand how to navigate in Yammer.

You’ll find descriptions (listed in tab order) of the Yammer page layout, and specific information about how Yammer uses HTML headings and WAI-ARIA document landmarks. We also offer some techniques for navigating Yammer with a screen reader.

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Navigating Yammer pages

Navigating feeds and threads

Navigating your Yammer Inbox

Keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Yammer

Navigating Yammer pages

You can navigate Yammer pages by using headings or WAI-ARIA document landmarks.

Navigate by headings

Yammer uses level 2 headings to identify the main sections of a page, such as navigation areas, group headings, and the message composer. When you first visit a page in Yammer that you are not familiar with, you may find it useful to browse just the level 2 headings to get an overview of the functionality on the page.

Navigate by WAI-ARIA document landmarks

You can also navigate by WAI-ARIA document landmarks. Document landmarks mark the following areas of the page:

  • Site-wide banner

  • Navigation and search areas within the banner

  • Left navigation bar

  • Main content area

  • Related content panel on the right-hand side

Navigating feeds and threads

Yammer is all about conversations; conversations start when someone posts a message or a question and then continue as other people reply to the first message. A message and its replies are known as a “thread.” You can navigate threads by using headings. The initial message in a thread has a heading level 3 and each reply has a heading level 4.

Typically, a Yammer page area contains a collection of threads. This kind of page is called a “feed page”, or just “feed”. For example, the Home page, the All Company page, and pages for interest groups and individuals are feed pages.

Feed pages can contain an area where you can start a new conversation by typing a message. In addition, the Home page contains an announcements area.

Navigating your Yammer Inbox

The Yammer Inbox contains messages that someone sent directly to you, as an individual or as a member of a group. In addition, you might receive messages from a group where you have been mentioned.

The Yammer inbox page has a different layout than the feed pages. Its main content area contains:

  • A Create Message button, which opens a dialog box with a form for creating a new message

  • A series of tabs for selecting views, including Unread messages, Private messages, and All messages.

  • A search area where you can search the inbox

This is followed by a list of links that navigate to each message and its replies.

Keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Yammer

Note: If you are using a screen reader that uses one or more of the keystrokes to navigate the page, you may need to change to a different screen reader mode or use the pass-through key in order to use Yammer's keyboard shortcuts; otherwise the keyboard input may be treated as a screenreader navigation command instead of a Yammer command.

You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate to specific areas of the site. For example, typing ‘g’ quickly followed by ‘i’ will go to the inbox.

You can find the list of shortcuts at any time from a Yammer page. Just press the '?' key (question mark) anywhere on a Yammer page to open a dialog box that displays the shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts are not active when the keyboard focus is on a control that accepts text input.

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