Use questions and answers in a Yammer group (Preview)

You can post questions in a Yammer group, and the question poster or any group admin can mark the best answer to a question. The best answer shows up right under the question, making it easy for people to get right to the information they need.

Note: This feature is in Preview. For information on release timing, see the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. To see if your organization can use this feature, in any Yammer group, look for Question in the list of post types.

Post types showiing the Question option

Post a question

All group members can post a question.

On the desktop app or web:

  1. Select the Question post type.

  2. Type your question, and then click Post.

On a mobile device:

  • In the message header, select Type of message (Android) or More to post (iOS), and then select Question.



    Select a post type on Android devices

    Select a post type on iOS devices

Answer a question

All group members can answer a question.

  • To answer a question, just reply to it.

Mark a response as Best Answer

The person who posted the question and all group admins can mark a response as best answer. For questions in the All Company group, network and verified admins can mark a response as best answer.

  • In the message options below the answer, select Mark Best Answer. If you don't see Mark Best Answer, it means you don't have permission to mark the message as the best answer.

    Options displayed for questions showing Mark Best Answer

    The message will be marked as Best Answer, and will be pinned right under the question. If there are other answers, you'll see a link to click to read them.

    Tip: If a better answer is posted, in the new best answer, select Best Answer. Or, if you don't think the current Best Answer is best and the question is still unanswered, on the incorrect or wrong answer, select Unmark Best Answer.
    Answer showing Best Answer label


Q: Can I mark more than one answer as a Best Answer?

A: No, only one message can be selected. If a better answer is posted, the question poster or a group admin can change which message is marked as the best answer. Consider posting a new answer that includes all the content of the proposed multiple best answers, and marking that one as Best Answer.

Q: Can I change a regular message to a question?

A: No, you can't change a message to a question, or a question to a message.

Q: Can I create a group that just has questions, and no regular messages or announcements?

A: No. As a group admin, use the About section and announcements to educate group users. If needed, you can also remove posts that aren't questions and replace them with questions.

Q: Can I use questions and answers in my live events?

A: No. Using questions and answers is not available for live events.

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