Use page locking in Class Notebook

Use page locking in Class Notebook

Prevent students from making further edits to a page in your Class Notebook while you're reviewing it, or at any time. 

Note: You must be using OneNote 2016 with the February 2018 or later update of the private build of Class Notebook Add-in for this feature to work. Your students must be using one of the following versions of OneNote: 

  • OneNote 2016 with February 2018 update

  • OneNote with Office 365 ProPlus

  • OneNote for Windows 10 app

  • OneNote Online

  • OneNote for Mac

  • OneNote for iOS

  • OneNote for Android

Turn on page locking

First, make sure you are connected to the internet so your changes will sync with your students' notebooks.

  1. Open OneNote and navigate to the Class Notebook you need to edit.

  2. Select Class Notebook > Review.

  3. Choose the notebook section you're reviewing.

  4. Expand the list of student names underneath the assignment you need to lock.

  5. Select the Lock Pages checkbox to lock this page for all students.

    Select Lock Pages checkbox.

    Right-click a student's name to lock a page individually.

    Right-click a student's name.

Tip: Another way to lock pages is to right-click on a page and select Lock Page.

Select Lock Page.

To undo page locking, return to the Review pane or right-click a page and select Unlock Page.

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