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While the Get Started with Project Web App Web Part provides starting points for the most common first steps in managing projects with Project Web App, there are a number of other features in Project Web App that help enrich your project and portfolio management experience.

Resource management


Projects in your organization may require people, equipment, or locations to help complete the work, and costs that help financially back the work being done. These requirements are referred to as “resources,” and Project Web App includes a Resource Center to help plan for your organization’s resource requirements.

Timesheets and task progress

Timesheets and task progress

As your project progresses, you may want team members to report the time that they have spent on different tasks in your project, as well as other administrative time, such as sick leave, vacation, or even things like travel and training. You may want to know the progress being made on tasks in your project, so that you can monitor whether your project is on track, or if things are running behind.

Portfolio management

Portfolio management

Sometimes, a lot of people have a lot of great ideas for projects that your organization could benefit from. Sorting through all of those ideas can be challenging, especially when there are so many things to consider: alignment with your organization’s business drivers, high-level cost constraints, and resource scheduling requirements. Project Web App provides portfolio management features that can guide you through all of the proposed projects in your organization, helping you make strategic decisions on which proposals should move forward as projects.



Project Web App includes a few sample reports to get you started, and enables you to connect your Project Web App data to custom reports that you build using tools like Excel, Visio, or Project Professional. What reporting tools can I use with project data?

Need help?

The Project community on TechNet can be a great resource. And if you need some more specific solutions for your organization’s implementation of Project Web App, you may find it helpful to learn about our partners.

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