Use intelligent technology in Outlook on the web

Outlook on the web has added intelligent technology to help you save time.

Note: At this time, most of these features are available only to users in North America and only in English. The suggested attachments feature is available to all users and in all languages.

Suggested replies

When you receive a message in email that can be answered with a short response, Outlook suggests three responses that you can use to reply with a couple of clicks.

If one of the suggestions works for you, select it, and then select Send. If you have feedback about the suggestions, we'd love to hear what you think. To share your feedback, select Report inappropriate text.

A screenshot of suggested replies

Schedule a meeting

One of the options you might see in suggested replies is Schedule a meeting. You can select it to quickly create a meeting request from the message.

Note: The Schedule a meeting suggested reply is only available in the new Outlook on the web.

A screenshot of the suggested reply to schedule a meeting

Turn off suggested replies

New Outlook on the web

  1. Select Settings Settings > View all Outlook settings > Mail > Compose and reply.

  2. Clear the check box for Show suggested replies.

  3. Select Save.

Classic Outlook on the web

  1. Select Settings Settings > Mail > Suggested replies.

  2. Clear the check box for Show suggested replies.

  3. Select Save.

Suggested attachments

When you attach a file to a message, you can now choose from a short list of attachments that you've recently worked with or that might be relevant to your conversation. To learn more about attaching files, see Attach files in Outlook on the web.

Attach files showing suggested attachments

Meeting Insights

When you view a meeting event in your calendar, Outlook might show you content relevant to the meeting such as messages and files in your mailbox, files in your OneDrive for Business account, or files you have permission to access in your colleagues' OneDrive for Business accounts or your company’s SharePoint site.

Note: Meeting Insights are personalized for each person that receives them, so not everyone in the meeting will necessarily see the same suggested content. Meeting Insights will only show you content to which you have access.

A screenshot of meeting insights

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