Use filters to change your view of files or list items

Use filters to change your view of files or list items

The filters pane can help you find the file or list item you’re looking for. When you make a filter selection, items that don’t match are removed from the list shown on the page.

Note: Some functionality is introduced gradually to organizations that have opted in to the First Release program. If you're not enrolled in the First Release program, you may not see this feature.

Open the filters pane

Click the filter icon filter icon  at the top right of your list or library to open the filter pane. The filters you see are based on the list items currently in view.

For document libraries, you can filter the list to recent files only, view files edited by one or more people, or display only files of a certain type, like like Word documents and PowerPoint slides. If your columns are based on Managed Metadata term hierarchies, you can filter on the parent terms, as well as single items.

Filter settings

When you’ve filtered the list or library and want to go back to where you started, click the clear filter icon Clear filter icon at the top right of the filter pane.

How the filters pane works together with column headers and views

The filters pane works together with SharePoint features you may already be familiar with like column headers and views. Filters selected in the column header menu also show on the filter pane. And, it works the same way in reverse. Selections made on the filter pane show in the column header filter selections.

Filter pane with column header selections

Views allow you to save your filter selections.

Save view option saves your filter selections

More help for lists and libraries

SharePoint help contains many more articles that cover Documents and libraries and Data and lists.

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