Use Active Views in legacy

When you get email messages with links to photos or videos, you can use Active Views to preview the content. You’ll see smaller versions of the photos or video right in the message. You can even play the video right in your inbox. If the email includes a meeting or address, you can use the quick action menu to add the meeting to your calendar or view the address in a Bing map.

To turn Active Views on or off

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Click on the cog icon and select Options.

  3. Under Reading email, select Active Views settings.

  4. Under Do you want to see Active Views?, choose whether to show or hide Active Views.

  5. Choose Save.

  6. To return to your inbox, choose Inbox next to Options or select the logo.

Note: If photos or other files are attached to an email message to you, uses Active Views to display them. You can't turn off this type of Active View.

Active Views are designed so that your privacy is protected. For more information about Microsoft and privacy, you can read our privacy statement.

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