Updating the design of a form in a custom Lists tool

You update the design of forms in a custom Lists tool in Microsoft Office InfoPath, and then re-import them.

  1. In the Lists tool, enter the Designer.

  2. Click the Form Template you want to update.

  3. On the Home tab, click Edit.

    An InfoPath warning message displays telling you that form template has been published to one location and saved or move to another location. Click OK to clear the message and open the form template in the Microsoft Office InfoPath Designer.

  4. Make all the design changes you want, and then save the form template solution file.

    Typically, you would save the form template to its original save location, overwriting the original form template file.

  5. Return to the Designer in the Lists tool.

  6. On the Home tab, click Re-import Form.

  7. Browse to the form template file you updated and saved, and click Open.

    A Field Changes dialog box lists the changes to the form template design, such as fields added or deleted. It always warns you about the potential for data loss if your changes included deleted fields.

  8. If you are satisfied with the field changes, click Continue.

    The form is re-imported into the Lists tool design.

    If you click Cancel in the Field Changes dialog box, the form template is not re-imported, and you return to the List designer.

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