Troubleshooting issues in SharePoint

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How to get help

If you know the person who manages the SharePoint site, contact them to make sure you have the correct permission. If you don't know who manages the site, check with your manager or supervisor, or contact your IT department.

Describe the problem you're experiencing, such as:

  • Problems uploading files. The most common issues are inadequate permission and file size over the limit.

  • Problems when signing in to your organization's network or getting access to certain data.

  • Errors with format or permission when entering data into a line of business application such as a ledger or order form. Errors like this are problems with the page or application that is specifically written for your organization, so they can be fixed only by your organization's SharePoint administrator.

You may be asked to provide the following information to help administrators fix the problem:

  • The date and time the error occurred.

  • The page or site you were on when you got the error.

  • The action you tried when you got the error.

  • The correlation ID. This is a long hyphenated string on the error message, and is a key in helping administrators fix the problem.

If you're a SharePoint administrator or developer ...

As a SharePoint administrator, or app developer for a SharePoint site, here are some suggestions for how to find a solution.

If you host SharePoint on your own server (on-premises):

The Correlation ID or GUID that you get on an error or receive from an end user, is used with the Universal Logging System (ULS) logs to troubleshoot issues. 

If you're using SharePoint Online or Office 365:

For Office 365 and SharePoint Online you won't have access to the ULS logs. In this case you'll need to contact Microsoft for support. Support options are available here: Contact Office 365 for business support

Here are a few other resources to help you find solutions:

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