Troubleshoot Microsoft To-Do in Office 365

The use of  Microsoft To-Do apps with a work or school account is subject to a few conditions including licensing, admin preferences, and pre-requisites. Below you'll find information on each of those conditions and what to do in the event you see any errors related to them.  

Microsoft To-Do is currently available to users in the following Office 365 suites:  

Business Essentials  
Business Premium  
Microsoft 365 Firstline F1  
Enterprise Firstline F1  
Enterprise Firstline F2  
Enterprise E1  
Enterprise E2  
Enterprise E3  
Enterprise E4  
Enterprise E5  
Secure Productive Business  
Secure Productive Enterprise E3  
Secure Productive Enterprise E5  
Education E1  
Education E2  
Education E3  
Education E4  
Education A1  
Education A3  
Education A4  
Education A5  
Microsoft 365 A3  
Microsoft 365 A5 

Note: We are in the process of adding Microsoft To-Do plans to Exchange Online subscriptions. This will finish in March.

Please note that this release does not include governmental organizations or tenants on sovereign/independent clouds. In addition to having a license for one of the suites above, you'll also need an Exchange Online mailbox for storage and sync to work.  As a result, we’re unable to support on-premise Exchange accounts if they don’t also have mailboxes ‘in the cloud’. If you believe that you've received either message in error or want to learn more about getting access to Microsoft To-Do, it's best to contact your IT admin as they will be best able to assist you.    

Your Office 365 subscription includes user-level licenses for Microsoft To-Do , which your admin can use to manage individual access to the Microsoft To-Do  apps. If your admin has opted to disable your license for Microsoft To-Do, even temporarily, you will not be able to use the apps for Windows, iOS or Android. If you believe that you've received this message in error or want to learn more about getting access to Microsoft To-Do, it's best to contact your IT admin as they will be best able to assist you.  

Microsoft To-Do currently requires an Exchange Online mailbox in order to store and sync your to-dos. Since these are crucial functions of Microsoft To-Do, you won't be able to use the app until you have an Exchange Online mailbox. Plans currently supported include: Exchange Essentials, Exchange Online Kiosk, Exchange Online Plan 1, Exchange Online (Plan 1), Exchange Online (Plan 2), Exchange Online (P1), and Exchange Online POP. 

As a result, we’re unable to support on-premise Exchange accounts if they don’t also have mailboxes ‘in the cloud’. We are working to support more account types in the future but in the meantime, it's best to contact your IT admin about getting access as they will be best able to assist you.  

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