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PowerPoint is a go-to application for presentations and is available in both the online version as well as the desktop version. Let's go ahead and launch PowerPoint. I happen to have PowerPoint already pinned to the start screen, but yours may be in a different location. As with most Office 365 desktop applications, you have the choice of a blank template, or preconfigured templates. For our presentation, we're going to start off with the blank presentation template. And when we choose a blank presentation template the first slide is already created for us.

This is our title slide. Let's go ahead and add a title. Our presentation is based on an annual sales meeting that we have coming up in December. Therefore, my title will be Annual Sales Meeting, and my subtitle will be December of 2017. Now, this is a little bit on the dull side, so let's go ahead and change up the color to purple, which happens to be one of the colors for the Landon Hotel. I've gone ahead, selected my text. Up on the ribbon under the Home tab in the Font toolbar, you'll see the Font Color.

You can go ahead, click on that, and you can choose your color. Now, let's go ahead and add in another slide. I'm just going to go ahead, click on New Slide, and you'll notice our slide already has a layout applied. I don't want to use this layout so I'm going to go ahead and change that by selecting Layout, and then Blank. This is a blank canvas that we can now work with. For this slide, I'd like to add some visual interest. To do so I'm going to go ahead and insert a picture, and this picture happens to be in my OneDrive, but I could search online pictures if I wanted to do so.

I'm now going to go locate my picture within OneDrive, which happens to be in Assets, and then Logos. I'm going to select the picture of the Landon Hotel in Paris, and click Insert, and you'll notice that as soon as I did that, design ideas popped up for us. What we can do here is scroll through the list and then apply a format. That's a little too big, let's go to something a little bit smaller. I'm going to reduce that down even further, and to do so, I'm just going to drag, and resize my shape.

Now let's go ahead and add in a shape. To do so, back to Insert on our ribbon. You can use Shapes, and I'm going to select the heart. I'm simply going to draw that in. Drop it into place. Let's go ahead and change the fill of that heart. I think we'll go with a red, and finally let's go ahead and add some text. Go back to Insert and then Text Box, and we'll simply add in WE, and as before I'm going to go ahead and change the color.

You'll notice here I've right-clicked on our highlighted text, and we have a submenu pop up for us. We're going to go ahead and change that font color back to a purple, and it's a little small, so let's make that quite a bit bigger. We'll go up to a 66. Perfect. Albeit not very creative. So we love the Landon in Paris, and this is our slide, but this is PowerPoint, and we can do so much more than just add some images and text. Let's add some movement to the slide as well.

To do so, highlight the object that you would like to apply movement to. Click up in Animations, and then choose a type of animation that you would like to apply to your object. If I click on the More, you'll notice there's a whole variety of animations to choose from. To keep this very simple, I'm going to click on Appear, and you'll now see that we have the number one associated with the text, WE. Let's go ahead and do that for the next two images.

And the numbering provides the order, so WE will show up first, heart will appear second, and finally the image will appear third. Then let's add some speaker notes, just in case the creator of this presentation is not the one presenting it. You can add speaker notes for helpful hints and tricks, and even scripting if you'd like. These speaker notes will appear on a second screen when presenting. Now that we're happy with our work, let's go ahead and save the presentation. File, Save As and I'm going to pop this back into my OneDrive.

We'll call it the Annual Sales Meeting. Click Save. We can now present our presentation by accessing the slideshow toolbar. Click on Slideshow. We can go ahead and start presenting this from the beginning or from the current slide, but one of the cool things you can do in PowerPoint is record the slide show while you're presenting it. This way you can package it, and then distribute it and other people see the entire slideshow as if it was being presented live. Let's go ahead and record the slideshow.

I'm going to do it from the beginning. Perfect. If I need to see my notes, I could display them here. Now these notes will not be seen during the playback of the presentation. When I'm ready to record I'm simply going to click Record. We'll have our countdown, and at this point the presenter would start presenting. So the user would speak to their slide, and then click through to the next slide. Remember, this is the slide where we had the animations, so I need to click through these animations.

So WE, heart, the Landon Hotel in Paris. I can also annotate on this slide at the same time, and to do so I can come through, grab the Pen, let's grab a yellow, and let's just go ahead and put a circle around the heart. If I had a microphone or a webcam available on this system that I'm presenting on, then there could be an audio as well as a video of the presenter.

Once we've finished our presentation, we can go ahead and click Stop, and now I can go ahead and click Escape to exit. Let's go ahead and save our presentation in a movie format. Click on File, Save As. We're going to pop this into the OneDrive. Going to come down, I'm going to save it as an MPEG-4. Indicate that this is a full presentation, and then click on Save, and you'll notice that I do have a popup letting me know that there is no audio in this presentation because an audio card was not detected.

Yes we know that, and we're going to go ahead and continue. It'll take a few minutes for this presentation to be converted into an mp4. Now let's go ahead, close down PowerPoint and take a look at that video in OneDrive. We'll open up OneDrive. We can see our file is in OneDrive. Let's go ahead and launch that, and now our presentation is playing as a movie. In a moment we'll have the animation slide come up as well as our notation.

Now your presentation can be distributed within your company. Let's go ahead and close this. For more information and learn about all you can do with PowerPoint, see the PowerPoint help center.

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