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OneNote is one of those apps that once you start using it, you can't imagine how you lived without it. Think of OneNote as your digital notebook As with some of the other apps in Office 365, there is both an online version and a desktop version. We'll be working with the desktop version in this lesson. I've already pinned OneNote to my start screen. The location of your OneNote may be different. When OneNote launches, it will launch the last notebook open. As you can see here, the last notebook I was looking at was the introduction notebook.

Let's go ahead and create a new notebook. And you can do this in one of two ways, it doesn't matter. You can do it through File, or the down arrow on the current notebook you're working with. I'm going to click Add Notebook. I'm going to save it to my local OneDrive, and we're going to go ahead and call it Sales Meetings for 2017. OneNote is prompting me to invite people. For this notebook it will not be shared, it will be my own. So I'm going to go ahead and go Not now. Now that we have nice clean notebook to look at, we can start looking at the different elements.

Within our notebook, we have sections. And each section then has pages. Because this is for our monthly sales meetings in the year 2017, I'm going to go ahead and create a section for each month. And we'll start these in September. And finally December. Perfect. And with each section, as I've already mentioned, we have a page. Let's go ahead and add in the agenda page. You may have noticed that as I started typing Agenda in my heading, the page was also labeled Agenda.

I'm going to go ahead and paste in an agenda that I already have copied to my clipboard. And there we have it. I simply copied and pasted it. Now, I can modify this as I wish. So I can go ahead; I'm going to tab these out 'cause these are all part of the review. The Incentive Program Goals is an important task that I'd like to highlight. To do so, I'm going to go up to Tags, I'm going to go ahead and click on Important. And if I drop down here, you'll notice that we have a variety of tags to pick from. Next, I'd like to go ahead and create additional pages based off my agenda that I've just created.

To do so, I'm going to go ahead, highlight Opening Remarks, click Links, and then create a new page. There we go. I can do the same thing for Review. Now this will just create the page. It won't actually link to it. If I wanted to create a wiki-style link, all I need to do is put double box bracket around the word. Let's go ahead and do that for Expectations. And you'll notice that the page was created for us, and now it's a wiki-style link, and when I click on it, I'm popped directly into Expectations.

And we'll go ahead and just finish these last ones off. And we'll just create a new page. And there we go. I'd also like to create a page for our Prep Notes for these meetings. So I'm going to go ahead, manually enter in the page. I'm going to call it Prep Notes. And this is where I'm going to pull in information from SharePoint, from my own OneDrive, and all those notes will go into this page. So let's start off with adding in a couple of images.

To do so, I'm going to go to Insert, and we'll do Pictures. And we've just added in a picture, nothing fancy. Next, we're actually going to write a note. Writing notes is fantastic for those of you who have pen-enabled tablets. I'm just going to write a quick note. And there we go. Now let's go ahead and convert this from ink to text. It's pretty good, but it may not catch everything. It really depends on how clean or messy your handwriting is.

And as you noticed, this picked up mine exactly as is. We can also do something similar for math. Another really cool feature of OneNote, is the ability to read text from pictures. For example, if you're out and about, you see a really interesting poster, and you take a picture of it, and you'd like the text from that poster, you can pop it into OneNote and it will read the text for you.

Let's go ahead and do that. I'm going to go click on Insert, and I happen to have a picture that already has this information in it. It's called Local Sites, and as you can see this is a JPEG image. If we right-click on it, we have the option to Copy Text from Picture. We'll go ahead and do that, and then we'll put it right beside it, and we'll just go ahead and do a paste. And there you have it. You took the text from the picture, and you converted that into editable text for yourself.

Finally, let's go ahead and take a look at the sync options. The default is, anytime there's a change to the notebook, the change is saved automatically. But you can change the sync to a manual sync. Because my notebook is sitting in my local OneDrive, those changes are going to be synced to that local OneDrive, and OneDrive is automatically synced to our Office 365 OneDrive. But I could go ahead and just manually sync it as required. And we can see now that it is syncing. If I wanted to turn off syncing, I could go ahead and sync manually. And that's all there is to it.

We have only scratched the surface of what you can do in OneNote. It is an incredibly powerful tool for note taking, and I would highly recommend that you take some time to explore it, especially if you have a pen-enabled device. For more information on OneNote, refer to the OneNote Training Center.

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