Total the data in an Excel table

Total the data in an Excel table

You can quickly total data in an Excel table by enabling the Total Row option, and then use one of several functions that are provided in a drop-down list for each table column. The Total Row default selections use SUBTOTAL functions, which allow you to include or ignore hidden table rows, however you can also use other functions.

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  1. Click anywhere inside the table.

  2. Go to Table Tools > Design, and select the check box for Total Row. On a Mac go to Table > Total Row.

    Total Row option in Design tab
  3. The Total Row is inserted at the bottom of your table.

    Excel table with the Total Row turned on

    Note: If you apply formulas to a total row, then toggle the total row off and on, Excel will remember your formulas. In the previous example we had already applied the SUM function to the total row. When you apply a total row for the first time, the cells will be empty.

  4. Select the column you want to total, then select an option from the drop-down list. In this case, we applied the SUM function to each column:

    Example of selecting a Total Row formula from the Total Row formula drop-down list

    You'll see that Excel created the following formula: =SUBTOTAL(109,[Midwest]). This is a SUBTOTAL function for SUM, and it is also a Structured Reference formula, which is exclusive to Excel tables. Learn more about Using structured references with Excel tables.

    You can also apply a different function to the total value, by selecting the More Functions option, or writing your own.

    Note: If you want to copy a total row formula to an adjacent cell in the total row, drag the formula across using the fill handle. This will update the column references accordingly and display the correct value. If you copy and paste a formula in the total row, it will not update the column references as you copy across, and will result in inaccurate values.

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