SharePoint Online Tags & Notes feature retired

The Tags & Notes feature of SharePoint Online has been retired. Users can no longer create new tags and notes or access existing ones. For a limited time, all existing tags and notes will be archived into .csv files, which can be exported from the SharePoint admin center. Only SharePoint Online admins can export these files.

This change will affect users in the following ways:


Description of change

Tags & Notes button on ribbon

Still visible but disabled.

Note Board and Tag Cloud web parts in the web part gallery

Still visible and enabled. The web parts will show up as blank when added to a page.

Note Board and Tag Cloud web parts embedded in a page

Page will display a blank space in the area previously occupied by the web parts. Edit the page to remove the web parts.

Social tags

Social tags will no longer appear in the tags refiner. The refiner will still display hashtags.

Tags and notes listed on personal sites

The area that previously listed tags and notes will be blank.

Export Tags & Notes

Important: You can export archived tags and notes through calendar year 2014. After that, the archive and the ability to export it will be removed. Export tags and notes now to avoid data loss.

  1. Browse to the SharePoint Online admin center.

  2. Click user profiles.

  3. Click Manage Social Tags and Notes.

  4. Click Export tags and notes data.

    Screen shot with export link highlighted

What to use instead of Tags & Notes

Here's what we recommend as an alternative to Tags & Notes:

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