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Share your business files - overview

You need to share files with clients, customers, partners, suppliers, and other people in your business. How do you share files so that everyone can find, open, and edit them?

Share a file with someone outside of your company

  • Share a file with someone outside of your company (such as a client or a customer) via email if you only need it to go one way.

  • If you need a response, or want them to fill out some information and send it back, then you can use SharePoint or Microsoft Teams to share it with an edit link.

Learn more about how to share files outside your organization with secure links, and how to share files with an anyone link.

Share and collaborate with a client or business partner

Sharing as part of a project? Or as part of an ongoing relationship with a business partner or supplier? You can put in just a little more time and set up a team in Microsoft Teams and have an ongoing place to share and work together. It's easy to work with people outside of your business, and you can even set up separate channels for additional suppliers or partners to keep it all straight.

  1. Create the team.

  2. Upload your files.

  3. Invite your partners or suppliers to the team as "guest" users to give them access.

Learn more about project or client file storage and how to share files outside your organization with secure links.

Share inside your business

If you're working with files you share inside your business, it's also a good idea to set up a team in Microsoft Teams. Share your files there and everyone in your business can easily find and edit them and you know you're all working on the same page.

  1. Create the team and invite your team to it.

  2. Upload your files.

Learn more about company file storage and employee file storage.

How to get it done

Download an infographic to get a quick overview of ways to share your business files.

An image of documents, with arrows to an email sent to one person, a folder shared with one person, and a team site with multiple people

Download in PDF or PowerPoint

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