Share Database: Add New User in Business Contact Manager

You must be an administrator to add a new user to the shared Business Contact Manager database.

User Name      Type the User Name of the user to whom you want to grant access to your computer. This name must be the same User Name (or logon ID) that the user types when he or she logs on to the network through their computer.

Note: If the computer is not part of a domain, you must type a temporary password for the user. The password cannot be blank.

Domain      Type the name of the domain that the user is on.

Browse      Click Browse to look up a user name and domain.


  1. In the Select User dialog box, you can enter either the user's first name, first and last name, or the user name (logon ID).

  2. Click Check Names, and you either get a list of names to select from, or the complete e-mail address for that user is displayed.

  3. If you get a list of names, select the name of the user and click OK.

  4. After the correct e-mail address is displayed, click OK.

Note: This is part of the process of allowing other users to share the Business Contact Manager database that you own. To share your database, on the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Database Tools, click Share Database, and then complete the wizard.

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