Settings in Workplace Analytics

On the Settings page, administrators can customize system defaults and privacy settings, and upload organizational data to Workplace Analytics. There are two tabs, Settings and Organizational data.


In the System defaults section, you can customize the Default time zone. This is used to compute after hours metrics for employees who don’t have a time zone already populated.

In the Privacy settings section, you customize and configure what data is accessible for analysis.

Note When adding the subject line words to exclude from analysis, use single words, separated by a semicolon.

With privacy settings you can:

  • Specify the smallest group size to appear in the Explore Metrics section. Larger group sizes reduce the risk of individual group members being personally identified.

  • Specify whether subject lines should be shown in query results.

  • Exclude sensitive emails, domains, or subject line keywords.

Learn more about Workplace Analytics privacy and data access.

When you are satisfied with your privacy settings, your data can be processed.

To begin processing your data in Workplace Analytics

  • Check the I confirm all privacy settings are complete checkbox, and then click Save.

Organizational data

Administrators will use the Organizational data tab to upload your data into Workplace Analytics.

To prepare your date for upload, follow the instructions in the topic Prepare and export organizational data for Workplace Analytics.

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