Send invoices on the go with Microsoft Invoicing

Overview of Microsoft Invoicing

Microsoft Invoicing is an easy to use online and mobile app for creating and sending professional looking PDF invoices to customers. With Microsoft Invoicing, you can get paid faster by seamlessly creating, editing, sending invoices, and accepting payments while on the go. You can add or edit customers and itemized lists from your phone, mark invoices as paid when you receive payment and view monthly and yearly sales. You can also synchronize your customers, products and invoices with QuickBooks online.

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Who can access Microsoft Invoicing?

To get access to Microsoft Invoicing, you must have an Office 365 Business Premium subscription. You can access Microsoft Invoicing at or on the Invoicing mobile app on your iPhone or Android. For more information, see the new Invoicing experience. You can also access Microsoft Invoicing in the Office 365 Business center. Microsoft Invoicing is only available to customers in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

Get started with Microsoft Invoicing

You can get the Microsoft Invoicing app from the app store for iPhone or from the Google Play store for Android. Search for Microsoft Invoicing, and install the app on your mobile device.

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Then start capturing invoices to send to your customers right there on your phone.

Get to the Microsoft Invoicing dashboard in the Business center

To get an overview of your business, use the Business center dashboard. Just sign in to Office 365 and choose the Business center tile.

Invoicing instructions

Once in the Business center dashboard, you can go directly to Invoicing in the left nav or the app launcher to get started. If you are not a global admin in Office 365, you might first have to ask your admin for a permission. You can find a link to ask on the Business center dashboard page.

Screenshot: Click the icon to get the Invoicing dashboard

Start using Microsoft Invoicing on a browser

Use the following how-tos to get up and running with Microsoft Invoicing on a web browser.

Start using Microsoft Invoicing on your mobile device

Use the following how-tos to get up and running with Microsoft Invoicing on your mobile device.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Invoicing

Read this section for tips and troubleshooting info on Microsoft Invoicing.

You might have noticed that there isn't a Save button in Microsoft Invoicing. This is because everything is saved when you enter data, so that your accountant has full traceability into your transactions. Just close the window and continue working. 

When you open an invoice, an estimate, or other windows in Microsoft Invoicing, there's an X in the top right corner. Choose the X to close the window. For the mobile app, it depends on your mobile device, but in many cases, you can use the Back button on your mobile device to return to the Home screen. 

The logo that is printed on your invoices comes from your Office 365 business profile. For more information, see Manage your business apps in the Business center.

You can do that in the Settings for Invoicing. By default, invoices are sent from your Office 365 email address, but you can change that to any email account, including your personal email address.

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If you've signed up for a trial of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business edition, but you haven't accessed your trial since April 1, 2017, then you need to log into Dynamics 365 and recreate the company before you can use it in Invoicing. If you've created invoices or made other transactions in the My Company trial company in Dynamics 365, you must also recreate the company in Dynamics 365 before you can use it in Invoicing.


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