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Important: Effective October 1, 2019, Microsoft StaffHub will be retired. We're building StaffHub capabilities, including schedule and task management, into Microsoft Teams. To learn more, read Microsoft StaffHub to be retired.

This is pre-release documentation for a public preview, and is subject to change in future releases.

You can send announcements to all employees who use StaffHub. The announcement appears right in the StaffHub app!

Create and send an announcement

Before you can to this, your admin needs to add you to the StaffHub Announcements group.

  1. Open Outlook and create a new mail.

  2. To send the mail to all employees on StaffHub, add this address as a recipient: staffhubannouncements@<your>.

    A sample announcement

  3. Press Send.

    Everyone on StaffHub is instantly notified. The announcements appear in the Inbox.

    Announcements arrive in the Inbox.

Tips for creating announcements

  • Short and sweet announcements are easier to read on mobile devices.

  • Gain trust with people by sending only the most relevant and important information.

  • Add attachments, emojis, images, or links. (Just be sure links aren't private from your audience.)


Who can send announcements to StaffHub?

Only authorized people are able to send announcements to StaffHub through email. If you've received this guide, you're most likely authorized. If you're just reading up, talk to your IT administrator to get on the whitelist for sending announcements to StaffHub.

Who receives announcements?

Any firstline worker in your organization with the StaffHub application will see these announcements in the app.

Can I take back an email that I sent?

You can delete the announcement email from the StaffHub Announcements group mailbox, which will delete the announcement from the StaffHub app.

Can my firstline workers respond?

No. Firstline workers aren't able to respond to announcements through StaffHub.

Can I send announcements to StaffHub with Yammer or Teams?

Not yet, but we are looking forward to supporting announcements created from other Microsoft tools.

What email features do you support?

Email attachments, emojis, images, links, and text formatting is currently supported and will display in StaffHub. We currently do not support forwarded emails, email replies, priority, and digital right management.

May I make a suggestion?

Absolutely, please let us know how we can improve StaffHub Announcements to better meet your needs at!

Have more questions? Contact us!

If you're interested in using this feature or getting in touch with the StaffHub team, send an email to

Last updated 07 July, 2017

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