See Planner tasks in Microsoft To-Do

Note: This feature hasn't been released yet. This article discusses how it should work after it's released.

You can get your group tasks done at the same time as your individual tasks using the Assigned to Me list in Tasks for Outlook, powered by Microsoft To-Do. Assigned to Me shows you all of the Planner tasks that appear in the My Tasks view. You can find Assigned to Me in Outlook for the web, or in the To-Do app.

Screenshot of the left nav for Tasks for Outlook for web showing Assigned to Me right after Flagged Email

Turn on Assigned to Me

  1. Go to Outlook for the web and select Tasks icon Tasks at the bottom of the navigation pane.

    Note: If you see a different Tasks icon than Tasks icon , you're using the classic Tasks in Outlook on the web, which is not powered by Microsoft To-Do. For more information, see Use Tasks in Outlook on the web.

  2. In Tasks, you should see the Assigned to Me dialog box in the bottom left of your window. To see your Planner tasks, choose Show list.

    Screenshot of Assigned to Me dialog box

If you don't see the Assigned to Me dialog box, or if you want to turn Assigned to Me off:

  1. In Tasks, in the upper right corner, choose The "Settings" button found in the user interface Settings.

  2. Under Outlook, select To-Do Settings.

  3. Scroll down to the Connections section and, under Tasks from Planner, either toggle the slider to On or Off.

Work with Planner tasks in To-Do

In Assigned to Me, you'll see a list of all the same Planner assignments you see in the Planner My Tasks list. For each task, you can:

  1. Change the name of the task

  2. Add, change, or complete checklist items

  3. Change the due date

  4. Add or change the description (under Add a note)

  5. Add the task to My Day in To-Do

To change anything else about your Planner task, you can open the task directly in Planner by selecting Planner under the due date.

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