Save your presentation to a CD

You can create a package for your presentation and save it to a CD so that other people can watch your presentation on most any computer.

  1. Insert a blank recordable CD (CD-R), a blank rewritable CD (CD-RW), or a CD-RW (that contains existing content that can be overwritten) in the disk drive.

  2. In PowerPoint, click File, click Export, click Package Presentation for CD, and then click Package for CD.

  3. In the Package for CD dialog box, type a name for your CD in the Name the CD box.

  4. To add one or more presentations to package together, click Add, select the presentation, and then click Add. Repeat this step for each presentation that you want to add.

    Tip:  If you add more than one presentation, they will play in the order in which they are listed in the Files to be copied list. To change the order, select a presentation that you want to move, and then click the arrow buttons (on the left) to move the presentation up or down in the list.

  5. To include supplementary files such as TrueType fonts or linked files, click Options.

    Package a presentation for CD

  6. Under Include these files, select the applicable checkboxes, and then click OK.

    Options dialog box in Package for CD

  7. In the Package for CD dialog box, click Copy to CD.

    Note:  To save your presentation to a DVD, see Burn your presentation to a DVD.

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