Save as or open a presentation in a different file format

You can save presentations built in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 as many different file types, such as JPEGs (.jpg), Portable Document Format files (.pdf), OpenDocument Presentation (.odp), and even as a video or movie (and more).


Save a presentation as a different file format

  1. In PowerPoint, open the presentation that you want to save in a different file format.

  2. Click the File tab and then click Save As.

  3. In the File name box, enter a new name for the presentation, or do nothing to accept the suggested file name.

  4. In the Save as type list, select the file format that you want, and then click Save.

Open a presentation in a different file format

When the Open dialog box opens, only PowerPoint presentation files appear in the list of files. PowerPoint opens other file types, but you have to ask for them to be listed in the Open box.

  1. Click the File tab and then click Open.

  2. Find the computer or online location of the file that you want to open.

  3. Beside the File name box is the file type list, which appears by default as All PowerPoint Presentations. Click All PowerPoint Presentations to open the list. To see every file type in a particular folder, select All Files.

  4. Locate and click the file, and then click Open.

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