Save a site as a site template

If you want to quickly recreate the design, structure, or content of a site, you can save the site as a site template that you can then choose when you create a new site. To save a site as a template, do the following:

  1. On the Site Actions menu Button image , click Site Settings.

    Note: On a site for which the Site Actions menu is customized, point to Site Settings, and then click the settings that you want to view.

  1. On the Site Settings page, in the Look and Feel section, click Save site as template.

  2. On the Save Site as Template page, in the File Name section, type a name for the template file.

  3. In the Name and Description section, type a name and optionally a description.

  4. In the Include Content section, select the Include Content check box if you want new Web sites created from this template to include the contents of all lists and document libraries in the Web site.

    Note: Some customizations, such as custom workflows, are present in the template only if you choose to include content. Including content can increase the size of your template. The size limit for Include Content is 10 megabytes (MB).

  5. Click OK.

The next time you create a site, the site template will appear in the list of available site templates.

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