Responding to a workspace invitation

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An invitation to a Groove workspace displays as an alert in the Windows notification area. You might also receive a Groove workspace invitation as a file attachment or link in an e-mail message.

  1. If you receive the invitation as an alert, click the alert to open the invitation.

    To decline the invitation without opening it, right-click the alert and select Decline. SharePoint Workspace posts an alert for the sender saying that you have declined the invitation.

  2. If you receive the invitation as an e-mail message, click the link presented for accepting the invitation.

  3. Do any of the following activities:

    • Click From to see the inviter's contact information.

    • Click Reply to open a message window addressed to the inviter. You might do this if you want to ask the inviter a question before you accept or decline the invitation.

  4. Click Accept, Decline, or Close.

    Note: All invitations received via e-mail require the sender to confirm your acceptance before the workspace is sent to your computer.

    If you click Close, the invitation is stored in your Message History. Choose this option if you are not ready to accept or decline the invitation yet, but you want to dismiss the invitation alert.

    If you accept the invitation, you typically see the following series of alerts, which inform you about the progress of the workspace delivery:



Waiting for "workspace": Waiting to send acceptance...

Waiting for workspace: Waiting to send acceptance

Waiting for "workspace": Sending acceptance...

SharePoint Workspace is sending the invitation acceptance to the sender.

Waiting for "workspace": Acceptance delivered...

The invitation acceptance has left your computer.

Waiting for "workspace": Downloading "workspace," % complete...

SharePoint Workspace is downloading the workspace from the sender's computer. The percentage changes to show the progress of the transmission.

If the sender goes offline before the workspace can be sent, the workspace is sent from another online workspace member's computer, provided that another member has the same role (or higher) as the original sender. If no other members of this workspace are online, SharePoint Workspace will try again to send the workspace the next time any member with the required role goes online.

If you go offline before receiving the entire workspace, the workspace gets routed to the relay service, and will be forwarded to your computer the next time you go online.

Waiting for "workspace": Installing workspace...

SharePoint Workspace is installing the downloaded workspace on your device.

"Workspace" ready (click to open)!

The workspace is installed and ready. You can go to it by clicking the notification or by double-clicking in the Launchbar. If you do not click the notification to go to the workspace, right-click the notification to dismiss it.

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