Respond to an email message with a meeting request

When you view an email message or a task request, you can respond by organizing a meeting with the sender or other recipients of the message.

The Meeting command creates a meeting request and automatically invites everyone who is located on the To line in the message as Required Attendees. Everyone on the Cc line is added as Optional Attendees. You can add or remove attendees as needed.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the message list, click the message, click Home, and then in the Respond group, click Meeting.

    • In an open message, click Message, and then in the Respond group, click Meeting.

      Respond with Meeting command ont he ribbon

  2. Enter the meeting location and start and end times. Add or remove attendees, include attachments, or use Scheduling Assistant to find the best meeting time.

    The header and body of the original message are included in the body of the meeting request.

Conversations and Reply with Meeting

If your message list is arranged by conversation, the meeting request created by using Meeting is associated with the same conversation as the original message. The meeting request appears in the expanded conversation.

When you click Meeting on a conversation that isn’t expanded and contains multiple branches, the meeting request applies to the most recent message in the selected branch.

The Meeting command isn’t available when you click a conversation header.

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