Repost an assignment in Microsoft Teams

Repost an assignment in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to re-use assignments you’ve created in any team, whether it’s from another class you’re currently teaching or a past class you’ve archived. To re-use an assignment:

  1. Navigate to the General channel of your current class, then select Assignments.

  2. Select Create > From existing.

    Create a new file from existing pic
  3. Choose the class where you originally created the assignment and select Next.

    Repost an assignment window pic
  4. Then, choose the assignment you’d like to re-use and select Next again.

    Repost an assignment window choose a class pic
  5. The assignment will recreate all the information you included before. Edit any assignment details you need to change, then choose classes or individual students to assign the work to.

  6. Select Assign. This will notify your student of their new assignment and create a post in the General channel’s Conversations tab.

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