Replay your ink strokes in Office

Office 365 subscribers can replay ink strokes as they were drawn; this lets you illustrate things step by step, or show a thought process.

You can hide and reveal content on your slides or emphasize individual elements in a group or series. You can see the order in which ink was drawn, pause the replay, and select the point to start the replay from. This feature is available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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Office 365 Subscriber

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Using Ink Replay

When you use your stylus or touch screen device to draw ink on a page, the Ink Replay option becomes available on the Draw tab of the Ribbon to rewind and replay your ink strokes as they occurred.

Choose the Ink Replay button to rewind and replay your ink strokes.

Make Ink Replay visible on the Ribbon

Ink Replay was mistakenly hidden from view for some users of PowerPoint 2016 on devices that aren't touch-enabled. This mistake has been corrected in version 16.0.8112. If your PowerPoint has been affected, once you have version 16.0.8112 or later installed, you can permanently correct the problem by resetting the customizations for the Draw tab, as follows:

  1. Open File > Options.

  2. Select the Customize Ribbon tab in the Options dialog box.

  3. In the box on the right side of the dialog box, ensure that the Customize the Ribbon box is set to Main Tabs or All Tabs.

  4. In the long box below that, select the entry for the Draw tab.

  5. At the bottom of the dialog box, open the list box named Reset and select Reset only selected Ribbon tab.

  6. Click OK to close the dialog box.

    The Ink Replay button is now restored to the Draw tab.

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