Rename an Excel table

Every time that you create an Excel table, Excel assigns a default name to the table by using the following naming convention: Table1, Table2, and so on. However, you should change the name of each table to make it more meaningful to you.

Note: The screen shots in this article were taken in Excel 2016. If you have a different version your view might be slightly different, but unless otherwise noted, the functionality is the same.

  • Click on the table you want to rename.

  • Go to Table Tools > Design > Properties > Table Name.

    On a Mac, go to the Table tab > Table Name.

  • Highlight the current table name and type a new name.

    Image of the Name Box in the Excel Formula Bar to rename a table


  • All of your tables will be listed in the Address bar to the left of the Formula bar. When you select any table from the list, Excel will automatically jump to that table, even if it's on another worksheet.

  • Excel Address bar to the left of the Formula bar

Important notes for names

  • Use valid characters    Always start a name with a letter, an underscore character (_), or a backslash (\). Use letters, numbers, periods, and underscore characters for the rest of the name.

    You can’t use "C", "c", "R", or "r" for the name, because they’re already designated as a shortcut for selecting the column or row for the active cell when you enter them in the Name or Go To box.

  • Don’t use cell references    Names can’t be the same as a cell reference, such as Z$100 or R1C1.

  • Don’t use a space to separate words    Spaces can’t be used in the name. You can use no space or enter the underscore character (_) and period (.) as word separators. For example, DeptSales, Sales_Tax or First.Quarter.

  • Use no more than 255 characters    A table name can have up to 255 characters.

  • Use unique table names    Duplicate names aren’t allowed. Excel doesn’t distinguish between upper and lowercase characters in names so if you enter “Sales” but already have another name called “SALES" in the same workbook, you’ll be prompted to choose a unique name.

Need more help?

You can always ask an expert in the Excel Tech Community, get support in the Answers community, or suggest a new feature or improvement on Excel User Voice.

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