Print a view

Depending upon the view (page) that you are using, you can specify which columns you want to print and other formatting options.

  1. If you are viewing the Project Center, Resource Center, or Status Report page, on the Actions menu, click Print Grid, and then follow the remaining steps.

    If you are viewing the My Tasks or My Timesheet page, click Print. You have no other formatting options. On the next page, you can print the table from your browser by pointing to File and clicking Print.

  2. On the next page, you can change the layout of the columns.

  3. To rearrange the columns, under Options, click Arrange Columns.

    • To exclude a column, under Available Columns, select a column and then click Remove.

    • To replace a column that you excluded, under Excluded Columns, select the column and then click Restore.

    • To change the order of the columns, click the column that you want to move, and then click Up and Down.

  4. To change the layout of the columns, such as column width, alignment, and wrapping properties, under Options, click Format Columns.

    • To prevent the text in the column from wrapping, click the column in the Columns table, and then select the Prevent column from wrapping check box.

    • To specify a column width other than the default width, click the column in the Columns table, and then clear the Use default Column width check box. Type a number in the Column width box, and click a unit of measure in the box next to it.

    • To specify an alignment for the column, click the alignment in the Column alignment list.

      Note: Click Reformat Grid to view your changes.

  5. Click Print Grid to print the grid.

  6. If you want to change the information in the grid by using Microsoft Office Excel 2007, click Export to Excel.

Note: Printing the grid data and exporting it to Office Excel 2007 requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. If you cannot export to Office Excel 2007, you can copy the information to the Clipboard and then paste it into a program that can save the new file.

Why can't I perform some actions in Microsoft Office Project Web Access?

Depending on the permissions settings you used to log on to Project Web Access, you may not be able to see or use certain features. Also, what you see on some pages may differ from what is documented if your server administrator customized Project Web Access and did not customize the Help to match.

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