Premium features for Office 365 subscribers

Enjoy advanced protection against phishing and malware, no ads, and other premium features for your account – all part of your Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal subscription.

  • Advanced email security. As an Office 365 subscriber, you get enhanced security tools that help protect your inbox from phishing and malware. Learn more about advanced security for Office 365 subscribers.

  • Email encryption. includes encryption and prevent forwarding features that ensure your confidential and personal information you share via email stays encrypted and doesn’t leave Office 365. This is useful when you don’t trust the recipient’s email provider to be secure. Learn more about encrypted messages here.

  • Ad-free interface. Office 365 subscribers enjoy an ad-free mailbox. Without ads, you have less distractions and enjoy faster page load times.

  • Larger mailbox storage. Office 365 subscribers get 50 GB of email storage as a subscription benefit. You'll have 50 GB of email storage at your disposal.

  • Premium support. Office 365 subscriptions include premium customer support, so if you need to contact Microsoft for help, you'll get our highest level of service.

These benefits activate automatically for all Office 365 subscribers who have an mailbox associated with their subscription. mailboxes have email addresses ending in,,, and

Not an Office 365 subscriber? Take your to the next level. Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscribers get all these benefits plus the latest versions of the full Office applications and cloud services. Learn more about Office 365.  

Frequently asked questions

I'm an Office 365 subscriber. How can I start using these premium capabilities?

If you signed up for your Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal subscription with an email address ending in,,, and, the benefits will be applied automatically.  You don't need to take any action.

Note: These benefits are rolling out to existing Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscribers beginning October 2017. The process will take several weeks to complete, so you may not see these benefits right away.

I signed up for my Office 365 subscription with a Gmail or Yahoo account, or other account.  Can I still get premium benefits?

No, these benefits only apply if your subscription is associated with an account. accounts have email addresses ending in,,, and

How do I invite others to join my subscription?

With an Office 365 Home subscription, you can share the benefits with up to 4 others.  If the people you share your benefits with have mailboxes, they’ll get the benefits automatically. Learn about sharing Office 365 Home subscription benefits.

Where can I learn more about the advanced email security features provided with my subscription?

For more information, see Advanced security for Office 365 subscribers.

I am still getting junk mail in my mailbox.  Isn’t my experience supposed to be ad-free?

The ad-free subscription benefit means you won’t see banner ads or ads in your message list when you use  You’ll continue to receive all messages sent to your account, some of which may be advertisements you signed up to receive, or junk mail.

What happens to my account if I cancel my Office 365 subscription or let it expire?

You'll continue to have access to your account, but the premium benefits will be deactivated.

If I have an Office 365 commercial subscription, such as Office 365 Business Premium, can I get premium features for my account?

No. is a consumer service, so these benefits apply only to Office 365 consumer subscriptions – specifically Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal.

Is Premium still offered as a standalone subscription?

The Premium standalone offering is now closed to new subscribers. Current subscribers can renew their subscriptions to continue receiving subscription benefits. To learn more, see Premium closed to new subscribers.

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