Microsoft To-Do Quick Start

Plan and sync

Plan and sync in Microsoft To-Do

Use To-Do to plan your day, and automatically sync your to-dos with Outlook.

Plan your day with My Day and Suggestions

With Suggestions and My Day, it's easier than ever to focus on your most important tasks. When you first open To-Do each day, you'll see a fresh My Day. Here, you can enter the tasks you’d like to focus on for the day. After using Microsoft To-Do for at least one day, you’ll also be add tasks from our Suggestions.

To plan your day using Suggestions:

  1. Select the lightbulb in the top right.

  2. Review the most important suggested tasks, and select + to add them to My Day.

    You can also enter new to-dos directly in to My Day.

All of the tasks entered in My Day will also be saved in your Tasks list. If you're not able to complete all of your tasks in My Day, no worries! To-Do keeps track of them and suggests them to you tomorrow. To-Do also tracks upcoming due dates and includes them in Suggestions.

Sync your to-dos to Outlook tasks

To view your tasks on your Outlook desktop client, or on, simply use the same Microsoft Account to log in to both Microsoft To-Do and Outlook.

All tasks are stored on Exchange Online services, so they'll show in both Microsoft To-Do and Outlook automatically.

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