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It's easy to change settings in the new Mail experience in so it looks and behaves the way you want it to.

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Go to Quick settings

To find the most frequently used Mail settings, select Settings Settings . This article includes instructions for changing the settings under Quick settings.

A screenshot of the Quick Settings pane

Change your Theme

Under Theme, choose from one of the themes displayed. You can also select View all themes to choose from more options.

Turn dark mode on or off

If you want to make the background color in appear darker, select the toggle next to Dark mode. Turning on dark mode can reduce eye strain in low-light environments.

To learn more about dark mode, see Dark mode in

Turn off or customize Conversation view

If you don't want your messages to be organized by conversation, under Conversation view, select Off. If you prefer Conversation view, choose whether you want your newest messages to appear at the bottom or top of the thread by selecting Newest messages on top or Newest messages on bottom.

Show or hide the Reading pane

Under Reading pane, choose Show on the right, Show on the bottom, or Hide.

Turn Focused Inbox on or off

If you want your messages to be sorted into the Focused and Other tabs to help you focus on what matters most, slide the toggle to the right if it's currently turned off. If you prefer to see all your email messages in one place instead of having them sorted into Focused and Other, slide the toggle left to turn it off.

Show or hide sender images

If you don't want to see a photo of each sender in your message list (or the sender's initials, if a photo isn't available), slide the toggle left to turn it off.

Group messages by date

By default, messages in the message list are sorted by date with headings dividing them, for example, Yesterday, This week, Last week, and more. If you don't want your messages sorted by date, slide the toggle left to turn it off.

Show or hide attachment previews

When the Attachment preview toggle is turned on, a preview of attachments will appear in the message list. If you don't want to see previews of attachments, slide the toggle left to turn it off.

Show or hide message preview text

By default, shows three lines of information for each message in your inbox: sender, subject, and part of the first line of text. If you want to condense your message list or don't want the first line of message text to be visible, slide the toggle left to turn it off.

See more settings

To find other ways to personalize your experience, scroll to the bottom of Quick settings and select View full settings.

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