Optimize the Outlook mobile app for your iOS or Android phone

Optimize the Outlook mobile app for your phone or tablet

After you set up email in Outlook for Android or Outlook for iOS, you can customize the mobile app to stay connected the way you want. Click on the handy tips below to learn how to optimize Outlook for your mobile device.

Update notifications for specific email accounts

  1. Open the Outlook app.

  2. Go to Settings > Notifications under Mail OR Notifications under Calendar.

  3. Change which email accounts you wish to see notifications for.

Update device notifications for the Outlook app

  1. On your device, go to Settings > Notifications.

  2. Scroll down your list of apps to Outlook.

  3. Update how you wish to receive notifications.

On both Android and iOS you can easily add Outlook to the "dock" on your home screen. This means that no matter what page of your home screen you're on, the Outlook app will always be just 1-click away.

  1. Hold your finger on the Outlook app icon.

  2. Drag it to the dock/app bar at the bottom of your screen.

    Note: If you need to make room, hold your finger on an another app in the dock and drag it onto the home screen.

Adding the Outlook calendar widget makes it easy to get your agenda for the day. You'll always be able to see your upcoming events at a glance!

On Android

  1. Hold your finger on an empty space on your home screen.

  2. Tap Widgets at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Swipe until you find the Outlook group. Tap it.

  4. Touch and hold the Outlook Agenda widget and move it to where you want in your home screen.

  5. Choose your settings and tap Ok. Then drag the borders of the widget to the size you like.

On iOS

  1. Swipe down from the top of your screen to bring down the notification center.

  2. Swipe to the right to view your widgets and scroll to the bottom. Tap Edit.

  3. Scroll down the list of apps and tap the + next to Outlook. Tap Done.

You can access your widgets easily by swiping down or swiping to the left most screen on home.

Avoid clutter on your phone or tablet's screen by hiding the unused email and calendar apps that come with your phone.

On Android

  1. Hold your finger on the native email apps like Gmail or Calendar.

  2. Drag it to the trash can icon that says Remove at the top of your screen.

    Note: Don't worry! This does not delete the app, it simply removes it from your home screen. You can always re-add it again later.

On iOS

  1. Hold your finger on the native email apps like Mail or Calendar.

  2. When the apps are shaking, drag one on top of the other to make a new folder.

    Note: Doing this makes it easy to clear space on your home screen, as Apple doesn't allow you to hide or remove these apps.

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